Our Mission

The mission of Pasadena StoryLab is to guide children and young adults into becoming lifelong writers.  We believe that writing and reading are essential building blocks for everyone’s success—in school and in life.

There are many tricks to the trade that make writing easier, but we believe the essential step in becoming an accomplished writer is believing you are a writer.  We believe that no one is too young to join the club of writers and readers. In that vein, we have storytelling classes for children as young as four.

Of course, one is never too old to become a writer and storyteller as well.  Parents who model writing and reading help their children have success in school and beyond and that is why we promote family literacy.

Our Approach

Do you groan when asked to write something? Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety people– young and old– feel when they pick up a pen or put fingers to a keyboard to write. Of course we will write in our writing classes. We will also tell stories, play games, think wild thoughts, and make poison potions.

We will find the joy in sharing our stories as we build the confidence of our young writers. So when they are asked in school (and beyond) to write something, they can come to it with enthusiasm rather than trepidation. Writing is fun!  Because it isn’t just about putting words or pictures on paper; it’s a way of expressing oneself and engaging with the world.