Pasadena Storylab


Want to write about wizards?  Tornados?  Bacon planets?  This creative writing workshop goes wherever your imagination takes you.  We will talk about building zany characters, plotting heart-pounding stories, and crafting awesome climaxes.  We will also play storytelling games, share our creations at the end of the session, and have fun creating new worlds.  This class is for kids who love to write, kids who break out into a sweat at the very mention of writing, and everyone in between.

Class enrollment: 5-10 children
Ages 7+
8 SUNDAYS, 3:30-5PM, beginning 1/31/16  (no class 2/14)
COST: $240


Parents from La Canada to Sierra Madre have made their own writing groups and you can too!  It’s easy.  Here’s how: contact Julia Edwards (, find 5-10 kids who want to join your group, and then schedule a class.  We have done fiction writing classes, a choose-your-own adventure writing class, and newspapers.  Some classes meet at our Eaton Canyon location, others meet in empty classrooms, school libraries, living rooms, and more.  This is an ideal way to fit a writing workshop into your hectic schedule.


Looking for a one-on-one writing class or tutoring?  Feel free to contact Julia Edwards ( to discuss scheduling and cost.  We can work on an ongoing basis with goals in mind or work on as-needed to help with school projects or assignments.




The show must go on–but wait!  We need some plays.  And some playwrights!  In this after-school Storylab writing adventure, students will dream up their own original stage play, play theatre games, write oodles of dialogue, and then perform their playlets during our final class.

Class enrollment: 5-12 children
Ages 7+
10 TUESDAYS, JANUARY 13- MARCH 24, 3:30 – 5:30 PM
LOCATION:  Sequoyah School
COST: $200




Inspired by the brilliant work of artist Eric Joyner, we will explore storytelling through…robots and donuts!  And maybe some cupcakes?  And a flying saucer or two?  Your young authors will draw, write, and narrate their own adventure into being.

Class enrollment: 5-10 children
Ages 4-5
6 TUESDAYS, FEBRUARY 3- MARCH 10, 1:15 – 2:15 PM
LOCATION:  Eaton Canyon
COST: $90




For your young athlete, we have a new offering: Whether your sports-lover is an avid writer or more reluctant, we will work to transfer passion for the game to the page in our very own Sports Section.  We will recount tension-filled last seconds of a game, attempt to relay the dramatic ups and downs of athletic encounters, and even mine those heartwrenching defeats.  We might make up some sports while we are at it and we will certainly watch and read exciting game plays.

Class enrollment: 5-12 children
Ages 7+
LOCATION:  Eaton Canyon
If you have a child interested in this class, email Julia Edwards at and we can find a weekend time for the workshop.




Do you know a kid or two or a dozen who love to write and want to do more of it?  Send me an email at and let’s get them together.  We can put together a workshop after school or on the weekend.  We can write about goblins, create a ‘zine, invent new video game worlds, or just write whatever bubbles up in the brain.  If you are interested in tutoring, we can arrange that too.  




TREASURE HUNTS Pirates, princesses, maps, and scavenger hunts.  Sounds like the ingredients for some exciting stories!  In this Young Writers’ Workshop, we will draw and write and play around the theme of treasure hunts. Arrrrg!  

Class enrollment: 5-10 children Ages 4-6 JUNE 2-6, 10-11:30 am LOCATION:  Eaton Canyon COST: $100


THE SCALLION NEWSPAPER In the spirit of The Onion, we will explore the frontier of absurdity in our very own self-published newspaper. With articles about sports that never were, movies that thankfully haven’t been made, and politics that may be less absurd than our own, students can follow their fake journalistic interests.  

For middle schoolers JUNE 16-20, 2-5 pm LOCATION:  Space Arts Center, South Pasadena



Who doesn’t want to be a wizard?  Or a fairy?  Or a three-headed goblin named Larry?  In this class, we will write stories and spells, draw death-defying duels, and perhaps mix some magical potions.  I hope they’re not poison! Reading and writing skills not required.

Ages 5-8 July 21-25, 1-2:30 pm LOCATION:  Eaton Canyon COST: $105


SITE SPECIFIC PLAYS Who says you need a theatre to put on a play? Why not a scene in the tree house? Or a play in a hobbit hole? We will seek inspiration for our plays from our environment and then perform the playlets during our final class.

Class enrollment: 5-10 children Ages 7+ AUGUST 25-29, Monday-Friday, 9:30 am – 12 pm LOCATION:  Eaton Canyon COST: $165

SCHOOL PROGRAMS If your school is interested in daytime or after-school writing workshops, please contact StoryLab for a consultation. We can tailor a program for any age from nursery school to high school.



COTTAGE CO-OP NURSERY SCHOOL WRITERS’ WORKSHOP Weekly Writer’s Workshops offered for 3-5 year olds at Cottage Co-op Nursery School. In these age-appropriate workshops, students tell, draw, and write their own stories, real and pretend. We read like writers. We talk like writers. And of course, we play like writers.

SEQUOYAH SCHOOL ENRICHMENT CLASS When the gong rings, Sequoyah kids in the Adventure Time writing class get to work on stories about popsicles far from home, freaky animals, vampire mermaids, tyrannical aliens, and magical stop watches. Like all Writer’s Workshops, we discuss tricks of the trade, share our work, and learn from each other. This workshop serves students from kindergarten through 6th grade.


LOCATION Eaton Canyon classes are held at Edwards’ home in Altadena, two doors down from bridge entrance of the Eaton Canyon hike, “perfect for a jaunt in nature before or after class.”

POLICIES For classes offered through StoryLab, please pay by check at first class. Checks can be made out to Julia Edwards. Drop-offs are OK as long as children are ready for separation.